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Parable8 Productions Logo

Playing around with After Effects and Element 3D to get a logo indent for my films.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer


I’ve been working on this for a while. Raiders of the Lost Ark has always been my favorite film and I took on the daunting task of editing a trailer as a thank you of sorts.  This is only an editing exercise for me.

I realize that I’m probably going to get a lot of (negative) […]

Sanctuary – 3D Live Action Blend FX Test

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This was a test to see how well I could blend 3D CG objects into 2D film footage. I used the Element 3D plugin with After Effects. For each shot you will see the final footage, then the raw, and then final again for comparison.

Prometheus – Sneak Peek Preview of the First Look Trailer

Your exclusive sneak peek at the first look of the trailer for the next film by Ridley Scott. Or was it the other way around? This is starting to get a little out of hand…

This is a parody trailer I decided to make after the third or fourth day of Fox releasing teasers for the […]

The Magic Beaver – Doritos Commercial Contest 2012


This is my entry for the 2012 contest for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl.

I play the main character as well as the voice of the Beaver.

Thanks to Dan & Katelyn Wilder.

Sanctuary – Visual Scanner FX test

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The first Effects test for the Visual Scanner sequence in the short film Sanctuary.  The film is based in the Star Wars universe and is due to be released in the late summer of 2012.

Shadowgirls Trailer


A Trailer I made for the David Rodriguez and his comic series ‘Shadowgirls.’ All done in After Effects CS5.

Who Is Brock Chandler?

The story of how filmmaker Brock Chandler got his start and how you can find out all about him.

This is an animation I made within After Effects. I wanted to make a different kind of “About Me.”