Skylanders Superchargers Cinematic Reel

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This is a cinematic trailer that I edited featuring a small sample of the work that I did on Skylanders: Superchargers where I was the Camera Artist/Cinematographer, Lighting Artist, and Co-Director.

Skylanders Swap Force Cinematic Reel

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This is a trailer I made using only our in-engine cinematic cutscenes from Skylanders: Swap Force. I was the Camera/Layout Artist for all of the in-game cutscenes, as well as a co-director.

Skylanders Short Cuts: The Card Game

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This is the fifth and final short film in a series I co-directed to promote our game Skylanders: SWAP FORCE.

Skylanders Short Cuts: Fire Kraken

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This is the fourth short film in a series I co-directed to promote our game Skylanders: SWAP FORCE.

Skylanders Short Cuts: Night Shift

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This is the third short film in a series I co-directed to promote our game Skylanders: SWAP FORCE.

Skylanders Short Cuts: Slobbertooth

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This is the second in a series of short films that I co-directed in order to promote our game Skylanders: SWAP FORCE.

Yo Dave! – Doritos 2014 Crash the Super Bowl Entry

Chad got the last bag of Doritos and he won’t let Dave forget it.

An entry for this year’s Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest.

Director, Editor, Writer: Brock Chandler
Sound Recording: Ashley Cerny & Mary Lou Foland
Camera Assistant: Adam Wolfe
‘Dave’: Jacob Bills
‘Chad’: Brock Chandler

Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer


I’ve been working on this for a while. Raiders of the Lost Ark has always been my favorite film and I took on the daunting task of editing a trailer as a thank you of sorts.  This is only an editing exercise for me.

I realize that I’m probably going to get a lot of (negative) […]

Prometheus – Sneak Peek Preview of the First Look Trailer

Your exclusive sneak peek at the first look of the trailer for the next film by Ridley Scott. Or was it the other way around? This is starting to get a little out of hand…

This is a parody trailer I decided to make after the third or fourth day of Fox releasing teasers for the […]

The Magic Beaver – Doritos Commercial Contest 2012


This is my entry for the 2012 contest for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl.

I play the main character as well as the voice of the Beaver.

Thanks to Dan & Katelyn Wilder.

Who Is Brock Chandler?

The story of how filmmaker Brock Chandler got his start and how you can find out all about him.

This is an animation I made within After Effects. I wanted to make a different kind of “About Me.”

Skin It Right

This is my submission to the 2010 Skinit commercial contest that I made with my wife Ashley and good friend Cody Bingham.

Neverending Story Trailer – Editing Exercise

This was merely an exercise in editing. A love letter to a movie that I grew up watching repeatedly.

The Neverending Story as it is, could never be made today. It was bold, daring, and steeped in the type of fantasy that transports young and old to another world. I think

This is the first of a […]

Brock “Smartypants” Chandler – Butterfinger Contest


This was my entry in the Butterfinger Defense League contest. They were asking for people to highlight what skills they possessed in order to stop thieves from taking their Butterfingers.

I was one of two finalists in the contest and was flown out to the San Diego Comic Con to take part in G4 Tv’s programming. […]

Repast – Pilot Teaser

This is a pilot for a tentative web series entitled Repast. Originally shot as a contest entry for the Oprah ‘My Own Show’ contest, the plan is to make this a regular web series connecting food with history.

Shot on Canon T2i/550D
Edited with Adobe Premiere
CC: After Effects

Mad World – Music Video


A music video made for a college course. Directed by Brock Chandler and John Tegan.

This was our first attempt with the letus 35 adapter on a dvx 100b.