I’ve always wanted to make my own poster for my favorite film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Last month, I felt like I was ready to begin tackling it. The basic image was in my head: I knew I wanted the bottom to be framed with that iconic silhouette shot of Indy in front of the sun and then I wanted it to kind of flower up and out.

You can probably tell that I was greatly influenced by Drew Struzan’s style, as I consider him to be one of my all-time favorite artists. Hopefully I was able to capture even a small iota of the magic he’s able to convey. My plan is to print this out at full size and get a frame for it.

Working on this was also a great creative release while I continue to write my screenplay for ‘Within.’ Whenever I felt stuck or lacking in brain-juice for that, I moved over to this as it was extremely cathartic. I’m still debating on what to do next, but I’m leaning towards a Jurassic Park or Ghostbusters poster in the same vein.

Special thanks to my friend Dan and my wife for their creative feedback!